Rose Lerner
The telescope found the moon, sudden and large and glowing[…]What seemed silver from afar was dull and gray up close, a steely pockmarked half-pie of scarred rock.

Something within him gave a lurch of painful feeling. “It’s not the way I thought it would be.” He straightened, tugging his arm from her grasp. “Go ahead, look some more if you want to.”

Theresa Romain, Season for Desire.

Have I ever talked about how much I love people who are in denial about something having intense emotional reactions to something (especially something seemingly with no emotional content whatsoever, like the physical appearance of the moon)? And they don’t know why? But you, the reader, are like WAKE UP YOUR BRAIN IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING?

It’s the best.

The voice from the doorway was crisp yet warm, like a ginger biscuit straight from the oven.
Theresa Romain, Season for Desire.
Dearest Man, A man with whom I am barely acquainted has recently made me a gift of a curiously lifelike artistic rendering of his, well, manliness. I have never indicated my desire for such a gift, and I am rather perplexed. As a Man, what is your opinion on his not-particularly-generous endowment? —Just Back From An Unexpected Holiday in the Netherlands


Dear Unexpected Holiday,

Ah. The unexpected gift of a lifelike artistic rendering of a man’s, ah, manhood. I often find myself having to explain this particular item to women, because indeed, it does not make sense to non-men.

Imagine that you have a cat. (You do have a cat, do you not?) Your cat loves you, in the limited fashion that felines can do such things. The way your cat expresses its love is often to leave you treats—the choicest bits of the mouse, the occasional pile of bird-feathers.

"Look," the cat says, "here is this wonderful thing that I had, and I love you so much that I want to share it with you. I do not believe you have mouse kidneys, do you? Perfect!" Your feelings on receiving such a gift are not relevant to the cat; cats do not love with empathy. They love with selfishness.

This gift follows along much the same lines. “Look,” the man is saying. “I may not have much of a brain or a talent for poetry, but there is one thing about me that I am sure is good, and I am fairly certain that you do not currently have one of these. Allow me to share mine with you.”

What is the proper response to such a gift? Well, the same as it is with cats. If you love the cat in question—or even hold it in mild affection—you pat it gently on the head and toss the offering out with the trash when the cat isn’t looking.

If you don’t like the cat, however, you need not feel so limited. Screaming, throwing things, and picking the absurd feline up by the scruff of the neck and tossing it out in the cold are all reasonable responses.

Yours Truly,
Stephen Shaughnessy
A Man Who Feels No Need to Prove His Manliness

Leading up to True Pretenses's release, the BFF and I going to do a con movie watchalong series where there’s a hashtag and we watch/discuss the movie together on twitter. My tentative (and long) list of movie possibilities is:

The Rainmaker (Burt Lancaster and Katherine Hepburn!)

Paper Moon

Catch Me if You Can 

Eiga: Kurasagi (The Black Swindler)

Ocean’s Eleven

Six Degrees of Separation (Will Smith pretends to be Sidney Poitier’s son!)

The Sting

The Brothers Bloom 

The Grifters

Anastasia (Dmitri my love!)

White Men Can’t Jump

The Music Man

Nueve reinas (Nine Queens)

Family Plot (the only Hitchcock film to be scored by John Williams)

The Great Imposter

The Flim Flam Man (surprising no one, I have a crush on George C. Scott)

Matchstick Men


We haven’t seen most of these (that’s part of the fun) so we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to help us narrow it down!

ALSO your thoughts on a hashtag! 


MWAHAHAHAHAHA I know you’re jealous!

(ARC of Theresa Romain’s SEASON FOR DESIRE.)

Oberyn has this fighting style, he’s almost like a dancer as he fights and everything, who’s somebody on screen, another character or even an actor, who does something similar that you really like? (x)



sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white


Somebody’s missing from this action figure pack. (Spoiler: it’s Black Widow. Hawkeye gets to be included though.)


Want! They are selling figures of the henchmen too, I need to see if it’s sold separately online. On the whole though, not a ton of Maleficent merchandise considering they just released a major movie.


Formative scene!