Rose Lerner

[image description: pulp cover of Sword of Fortune (the Mohawk Ladder) by Noel B. Gerson. Tagline: “He Defied A King To Win Her Kisses.” A (probably white) man in a fringed jacket embraces a pretty redhead. In the background an obviously evil older man in opulent late 17th century (?) clothes holds a gun and watches them angrily. Turrets and crenellated parapets show in the distance.]


The sadistic spymaster, St. Roget, handed Diane the bull-whip. In the torture chamber, strung to a post, was the strong, naked body of Josh Peattie, the American. ‘Which do you love?’ sneered St. Roget. ‘This raw colonial or France?’ Diane stood like a statue. ‘What do you want me to do?’ she asked. ‘Open his back with this lash,’ said St. Roget. ‘Prove your loyalty once and for all!’ Diane had to decide—the life of this man she loved, or the freedom of France? She took the whip. ‘I love you,’ her eyes told Josh Peattie. Then the whip crackled towards his flesh!

There’s a picture on the back too, which you can see here.

The book ends with “Joshua grinned and drew Diane closer. She would always know more, she would always think faster, she would always be one step ahead of him. But he didn’t mind in the least.”

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