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Loki saves Sif, Fandral, everybody im crying

The thing about Loki is that he’s the one who’s keeping an eye on the whole fight instead of just fighting his guy. Because I think he thinks it’s his responsibility to make sure everyone is on track and comes home safe. I just rewatched this and he is the one who reins everyone in “Thor let’s leave,” “Laufey we accept your deal,” “THOR WE HAVE TO LEAVE” “THOR!” As they’re all running away in Jotunheim after this fight, he’s the one who calls for Thor to make sure Thor is coming too. He’s the one who tattled to get Odin to come save them. And that way no one else has to risk being the coward, and that’s like Loki’s role on the team and it both leads to him being necessary AND leads to him being bullied. 

I’m really not trying to criticize Thor or Sif or the Warriors Three because it’s not their fault, they never asked Loki to do this, and they’ve never had any reason to second-guess themselves because Odin doesn’t take Loki any more seriously than they do. Children don’t become bullies in a vacuum. It’s really Odin’s fault, is what I’m trying to say, and the whole royal Asgardian hierarchical/monarchic family culture. 

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