Rose Lerner


Get it, Catherine Morland!

Click the picture to see the Last Gothic Tuesday on this release day for my UNSPOKEN: a parody of NORTHANGER ABBEY.

JANE AUSTEN: Catherine Morland, not really heroine material. She was kind of plain and not that bright.
BELLA SWAN: She was just before her time, yo.

1. I love Northanger Abbey a LOT. I also loved this parody of Northanger Abbey a lot. Go read!

2. I am 53% of the way through Unspoken on my Kindle and OMG IT’S SO GOOD YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT. I’ve talked about it before (I’ve been waiiiiiting) but it’s a Gothic novel about teenagers with lots of really good jokes BUT ALSO it’s really scary AND ALSO it has one of my favorite fictional things in the world, a relationship that is so intense it’s scary and so intense it’s wonderful, so intense that sometimes it feels like the only thing that matters and sometimes you resent the other person for mattering to you so much, two people who are all tied up together and don’t know what to do about it and don’t even want to do anything about it because the other person feels absolutely essential to them. In this case, Kami and Jared, who have had a telepathic link since birth but each thought the other was their weird (really, really weird) imaginary friend…UNTIL NOW.

"Oh, right," Kami said, and tears were running down her face again, beyond her power to control. She could taste them, and they were bitter. "In love. That’s how it sounds, doesn’t it? His heart is my heart, nobody can ever take him away from me, I keep him in here!" She thumped her breastbone so hard it hurt. "People say stuff like that but they don’t mean it: they mean they’re in love. All except me. I mean it."


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