Rose Lerner

[image description: pulp cover of You Can’t Stop Me by William Ard. Tagline reads: “He Blasted The Vice Racket Wide Open.” A man lounges against a wall in shirtsleeves and shoulder holster, smoking, his eyes on a woman who sits at a small table in front of him. She wears a gold dressing gown, her slip showing, and gazes idly into the middle distance, a cigarette dangling between her fingers.]

You Can’t Stop Me, by William Ard. Popular Library 1526, 1954. Original title: .38.


"A fast and furious mystery by the author of the long-to-be-remembered THE DIARY." St. Louis POST DISPATCH.

When private eye Timothy Dane, in his search for a missing girl, shoots down a professional hoodlum, gang warfare explodes in the nationwide vice syndicate. Before the last shot is fired, Dane has saved more than one woman from the depraved men who operate their vicious rackets behind the front of big business.

I definitely believe that he can’t stop her. 

Also, what if this were in fact a Fast and Furious tie-in mystery? What if that were a thing? There is no one in that cast I would not want to see solve mysteries.

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