Rose Lerner

Can we talk about how awesome the Post Office is for a second? These Global Anywhere Forever stamps are $1.10 each and are going to make my Hanukkah cards a lot simpler to send!


kawoshoggoth | samekh:

anyway the point i’m trying to make is: zac efron dancing to “wuthering heights”

you get me


These are the VIFF tickets signed for me and varlandgear by NICHOLAS LEA AND GABRIELLE ROSE:

SO HAPPY. Two of nature’s most perfect people. And we MET THEM. Look at the little hearts Nick Lea drew under his name!

[Note: the photo is not ours, it’s from a different event.]


He’s playing movie charades. The movie title is “Heat.” He also mimed hot coffee.

HOW DOES HE DO THAT WITH HIS HAND? It is flickering, like flames. I don’t understand.


Prince Hall [9] (Tom Hiddleston) by Steyda


The Tom Hiddleston Table Tennis Challenge.

Grace Jones vs Tom Hiddleston

Alex Lanipekun vs Tom Hiddleston

Nice Moves

getting serious now

And the winner is

(drum roll )