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Have started Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel. I LOVE JESSAMINE. Probably anyone who knew me could have predicted this but SHE IS A DARLING NASTY-REMARK-MAKING ANGRY-WITH-A-SPUN-SUGAR-COATING CONVENTIONAL-WITH-THE-CONCENTRATED-WILLPOWER-OF-A-THOUSAND-SUNS LITTLE ANGEL. I am already picturing her as a blonde Blair Waldorf.


Gah. Like THE THING ABOUT DAN BEING GOSSIP GIRL. Is that I keep switching between putting aside the fact that it makes actually no sense and not being able to put aside the fact that it makes no sense.

This is my brain right now: “ugh wow if Dan’s been Gossip Girl this time literally every scene…

I can’t even with this reveal. What a massive, amazing “Fuck you” to the viewers. Let’s give the show a Joss Whedon award or something.


From episode 2x06, “New Haven Can Wait.” Notice Thor never actually wears HIS helmet. Did they have to like, design personalized helmets at their bar mitzvahs or something but you only actually have to wear it at state occasions? But Loki loves his and wears it all the time and Thor just does not get it.


From episode 2x19, “The Grandfather.” 


This one’s from episode 1x14, “The Blair Bitch Project.” Aw, Thor, Loki knows your hair looks great, he’s just being mean.


So I have four beautiful pictures to share with you…the BFF (varlandgear) and I were talking about how Thor and Loki are really a lot like Blair and Serena…and then this happened! Thor and Loki screencaps captioned with Gossip Girl dialogue. She calls it…Gossip Gods. This one is from episode 1x04, “Bad News Blair.” Sorry Steve, you get to be Dan!

(Some of the dialogue was actually TOO CLOSE to even be funny, for example this:

SERENA: So we good now, we square?
BLAIR: No. Because nothing I do will ever be as bad as what you did to me.
SERENA: Look, I’m asking you please. I’ll stop if you will.
BLAIR: You’re just saying that because today, you lost. And you’re going to keep losing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a future to get back to.

There’s not even a joke to making Thor and Loki say that! It’s just something they’d say. I HAVE A FUTURE TO GET BACK TO. ♥ Blair ♥)

I absolutely loved this even though really, Dan doesn’t understand that Blair’s interest in fashion isn’t an interest in fashion, it’s an interest in personal power and control. Like when she made Jenny move steps on the Met steps—she doesn’t care about the magical power of the step, she just wanted to humiliate Jenny. Which Jenny also failed to understand. Humphreys: Unaware of how Power Works Since 2007.

The Dan/Blair elevator sex scene I have waited a lifetime for. 

Seriously, any of you that like good sex scenes, even if you don’t watch Gossip Girl and don’t care about these characters, watch this. It’s sooo well choreographed and the actors are selling it!