Rose Lerner

2x03 || 3x17

God I loved this moment. Nolan’s ironic sweater tied over the shoulders is my everything. 


Nolan: If you can’t forgive how do you expect to be forgiven?

Emily: I don’t.

"she always wins." | 3.08



[image description: Anne Taintor-style square image of Emily and Nolan from Revenge at a formal party holding matching cosmos and smiling innocently at someone off-screen. Caption: “It’s gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage.”]

there’s bound to be a ghost
at the back of your closet
no matter where you live
there’ll always be a few things
maybe several things
that you’re gonna find really difficult to forgive



Gabriel Mann in Australia. - from Gabe’s Twitter:

“People have sent in some great questions. … ‘Who do you think Emily should end up with? Aiden, Daniel, or Jack. I think Nolan is Team Jack. I am Team Jack. What do you think?’” (x)


Robe a la francaise ca. 1750’s and coat ca. 1790’s

From Bonham’s

Looking at these just gave me a bunch of feelings about Emily and Nolan. I miss those guys!