Rose Lerner

Revenge comics - Nolan & Aiden roomies
Nolan makes use of all the mangoes (3.13)

Of course, suing me wasn’t about the money. The amount [Julie Taymor] was seeking from me was the equivalent to what she made in royalties every four or five days from The Lion King. No—she sued me because the deepest yearning in an artist is the desire to communicate. And revenge is communication. Only instead of thoughts, or a spectrum of emotions, you’re conveying pain. You’re communicating your pain to the people you believe caused you this pain so that they can understand it in their bones. And rather than with words, or paint, or music, the medium of revenge is violence—the infliction of a physical or psychic wound.
Glen Berger, Song of Spider-Man: the Inside Story of the Most Controversial Musical in Broadway History.

"You know they have so much love for each other, those two. They’re siblings in many ways. He’s always going to go back to her, she’s always going to go back to him. It’s just a partnership. They’re teammates."
-Emily VanCamp (x)

2x03 || 3x17

God I loved this moment. Nolan’s ironic sweater tied over the shoulders is my everything. 


Nolan: If you can’t forgive how do you expect to be forgiven?

Emily: I don’t.

"she always wins." | 3.08